Like a patient needs doctor, website  needs Audit. How well optimized a website is, there persist some issues that needs to be addressed. Web Audit is performed to identify a range of  issues like search engine traffic, broken internal or external links,loading speed, mobile friendliness and for content quality. Teqseo makes use of the best SEO website audit tools to identify website issues and generate a report of problems that needs fix.


Staying on top of the Google search engine ranking is never easy. Position tracking tools help you to realize where you are in the list of Google ranking. Gain an insight about your competitors and their rankings in Google. Teqseo provides weekly reports on your keyword rankings in the search engine. With the help of SEO review tools available now, see how well is your website performing on the search.


Backlink or a vote from a website is the main factor in Google ranking algorithm. The ranking boosts up on getting a good vote, whereas the chances of getting penalized are there with the presence of bad links. Backlink Analysis tools help you to distinguish the good and bad links in your website. Optimizing the links on your existing pages is one of the fastest ways to increase your rankings. Removing spam links and artificial backlinks can always boost your ranking.


Keywords are the pillar stones of every business. Choosing a keyword is always the most crucial part. It brings more organic traffic to your website. The best among the keyword research tools are selected for finding the keywords that can help you succeed. Google keywords planner, Google trends, Google ad words play vital role in keyword research. Competition level, keyword frequency and lot of other factors are crucial while selecting keywords.


Influence of smart phones is inescapable. Roughly more than 60 percent of all online searches are carried out in smart phones. So reach those potential customers by adding your webpages in mobile search results. Teqseo employs different tools to optimize your pages for mobile search results.


Search engine results vary according to regions. We understand your requirements, which region you want to come in top of the Google rankings and we focus on increasing your visibility in those specified areas. Teqseo help you to check your rankings in a wide range of countries and languages. Teqseo ranking monitor tools supports thousands of cities that are supported by Google.


We will be constantly monitoring your website for your server uptime. People never scroll down if your website is playing up. Speed is of great importance. The uptime monitor tools analyses the response time of monitored webpages. Reduce your downtimes, no more wait for you website. Teqseo advises you the best strategies to be chosen for your webpage response.


Spying is ethical. Obviously, understanding your competitor is of great importance in building your strategies. Websites that link to your competitor website should link to your website as well. A little bit of spying on your competitor rankings, keyword, traffic, Google ads and referring domains is inevitable for choosing the best strategies for you.

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